Letters to Congregation

UPCSA – Reminder to Commemorate International Widows Day and to Send Postal Address


The UPCSA Gender Desk calls upon the UPCSA family to join the international community in observing the International Widow’s Day which falls on the 23rd June annually. Please see the call from the All Africa Conference of Churches in the letter that is attached. The Gender Desk realised that this is one area of the church’s ministry that has not been addressed adequately. It is needless to mention the varying experiences that widows go through. The Gender Desk, thus, encourages all to mark this day. A special request goes to the Fellowship of Women to dedicate the 23rd June 2022 to this ministry, as the date falls on a Thursday this year, a day on which the Fellowship in many congregations and outstations of our denominations come together for a prayer.  The ministers and the congregations are encouraged to take care of it in their services on the following Sunday, the 26th June 2022.

The Gender Desk will work with the relevant stakeholders later to develop a plan for the rolling out of this ministry. Ideas will be welcomed.

Warmest regards,

Rev Dr Lungile Mpetsheni

General Secretary

Secretary – Africa Communion of Reformed Churches

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