12 April 2020

Easter 2018 at St Columbas Hatfield
Easter Sunday 2001 at St Columba’s Hatfield
Easter Sunday 2014 at St Columba’s Hatfield
Easter 2018 Sunday Service

The lovely photo of our stained-glass window is courteousy of Terry-Lynne Harris, an avid photographer of churches and stained-glass windows.

For those of you who didn’t know, here is the history concerning our beautiful stained-glass window in our very own sanctuary.

The Fraser family were founder members of St Columba’s (as were the Hewitt family). After the death of Mr Fraser Snr, Mrs Fraser informed the Minister at the time (Rev Phillips) that she wished to donate the window to our church. An extract from the minutes of the Board of Management’s meeting of 9th March 1960 reads: “Rev Phillips introduced Mr Voorveld to the meeting. He would be responsible for the design and manufacture of the stained-glass window which had been donated anonymously to the church.

Rev Phillips explained that the family responsible for the donation wished the Board and Session to agree on the design. The subject was to be “The Resurrection.” In later minutes of August 1960, it was recorded that the window was completed and installed. Two of our current members’ lives are connected to this bit of church history: Firstly, there’s Liz Hewitt. One of the Fraser sons – Findlay Fraser – married Jack Hewitt’s sister, Margaret. Jack of course was Liz Hewitt’s late husband.

Secondly, Patti Scott is the daughter of Rev Phillips who was the minister of St Columba’s when the window was installed.

Isn’t it wonderful to still have these present-day family ties 60 years later!

Happy Easter!

Kind Regards

The Session
St Columba’s Hatfield


4 April 2021

Dear Member and Friend. On behalf of the Session may i take this opportunity to wish you all a Blessed Easter on this day. Our stain glass window in our sanctuary cannot be any more appropriate as it is inscribed in one of the glass panes “He is not here. He is Risen!” Thank you to everyone for joining us this morning at the service and for placing flowers in our cross symbolising love. It looked really amazing. Thank You to Craig and all the persons who helped and to Reinette for the lovely music.

Ryan Johnson Session Clerk