Devotion – 11 May 2021, by Rev Craig Morrison

Good morning, friends! 🙂
Psalm 23: 4

‘Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.’

  • Dark valleys are part of life; but so are mountain tops
  • But even there the Lord comes to remind us that we should have no fear. Fear paralyses us. Fear makes us doubt God’s infinite love. Fear stunts us. The Bible says God’s perfect love drives out fear
  • The Lord is with you no matter what you are walking through; whether a valley or a mountain top. Fear is NOT God’s will for you! You are a child of God; you are loved as a child is loved by her mother.
  • God’s plan is to bring us through these valleys and into the glorious light of Christ

God, thank you for your great love. You are a good, food God.
Lord, as I walk through the things that I am facing, may I know the reality of your presence with me.
I will trust in your love and I will not be afraid.

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