Scan to Donate – March 2021

Hi everyone. St Columba’s now has a QR code for those who scan and pay or snap scan, at shops etc. This works in the exactly the same way as you would in a restaurant where you can scan and pay, often know as snapscan. Please share this code with your family and friends and on posters, and church leaflets, bulletins, etc. This is another easy payment mechanism where congregations can put the QR code at the entrance to a church on a poster, for members and visitors to transfer money or donate easily when entering or exiting. It does carry a bank charge of 2% of the money donated whereas an EFT to the congregation is free of bank charges so if you use EFT continue to do so, but the QR code is a wonderful way to reach out to more people outside the congregation.

To use it, open your banking app and select ‘Scan to Pay’ and hold your device to the QR code. St Columba’s banking details will appear and all that needs to be entered is the amount you would want to donate. All congregations are struggling financially.

Thank You for all of your support during lockdown and this COVID time we are going through. We continue to monitor and control our expenses well, but our income through tithes, pledges and open plate has dropped significantly.  Have a great evening

Session Clerk

Published by St. Columba's Presbyterian Church Hatfield

St Columba's Presbyterian Church in Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa is a Christian Church. Our vision is to be a Christ-centred, bible-believing church that calls all to come and experience the love of Christ, in a welcoming and caring body of believers.

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