Dear Friends,

Thank you to all those who support the ministry of St. Columba’s Presbyterian, Hatfield.

There are various ways you can support us:
Making a donation; becoming a monthly donor, or even making a bequest.

We have various forms of ministry, including –
* A COVID19 outreach to provide food to indigent families via a coupon system and our Samaritan Fund;

* pre-COVID19 we ran a daily soup kitchen ministry feeding about 120 folks;

* We are involved in a G-B-V project to establish a safe house for the targets of domestic violence;

* We support theological students in the House of Studies who are preparing for ministry;

* We collect jumble and clothing for outreach.

Thanks to those of you who have already helped us make the programs a success. We also encourage others to join us as partners in mission.

You can appreciate, having regular monthly income is very helpful as we budget to plan our events and programs for the year, even in the uncertain COVID19 times.

St. Columba’s Hatfield is small organization that punches above its weight, with an active eight-person board and deeply dedicated staff.

We are, however, very much aware of one important fact: it is the support and encouragement we receive from people like you that makes this work even possible.

And mostly, all it takes is five loaves and two fish!
We are, after is said and done, a community of faith. It is faith that gathers us; surrounds us; unites us; and sends us into the world for the kingdom of God.

Thank you for being our partner in mission!

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