Announcement – The Season of Lent Begins with Ash Wednesday on 17 February 2021

Hi team, the Season of Lent starts next week Wednesday with a day traditionally known as Ash Wednesday.

We’ll be walking along something called the Stations of the Cross, 14 stops along the Via Dolorosa, the Way of the Cross (Grief).

Since there are 6 weeks between Ash Wed and Easter Sunday, I will use the mid-week devotions to make up the 14 Stations, ending on Maundy Thursday.

For this, I will ask the worship leaders and preachers to follow this program please.

My intention is NOT to “go Catholic” but to use the texts and stops for reflection and worship. We will be thoroughly Presbyterian! But I hope to connect people with historic Christian faith and to make Lent and Holy Week meaningful in following our Christian heritage.

I am happy to answer questions and take comments, folks.

PS> The version of the Stations I am using is acknowledged as the Protestant version that includes Scripture as the basis for each Station, rather than the Roman Catholic one that has some anecdotal Stations (Like Jesus falling, Veronica, etc )

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