Letters to Congregation

Edict re ACM – 27 October 2020, by the Session Clerk

Dear Member,

Session hereby gives notice that the Annual Congregational Meeting (ACM) of St. Columba’s Hatfield, Tshwane, will take place at 11h00 after our communion service on Sunday, 01st November 2020.

We would encourage as many members as possible to attend the ACM but do understand certain members may not attend as a result of lock-down and self-isolation choices, which we respect.

Our congregation has navigated through very turbulent times these past few months through the pandemic, and as a community we need to rebuild and reorganize ourselves. Your presence would be much appreciated.

We will also attempt to stream the ACM on ZOOM for those wishing to attend remotely, but unfortunately, you can only view, and won’t be able to contribute or participate in person through this platform.


Session Clerk

For an on behalf of the Session

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