Interviews for Women’s Month 2020

Dear friends,

Thank you so very much for participating in our Women’s Month Services. We greatly appreciate your wisdom. We end our series with the final interviews I did through the month of August. I had some technical challenges yesterday.

We have heard the testimony of Scripture, that all people are made in God’s image, both men and women; that in Christ there is neither male nor female for we are one in Christ; that God calls us to respect the tasks we have and the roles we play as the members of one Body.

Today we hear from our last two women of the church, as they share their wisdom and insights with us. Our WA group is already a step towards a ministry to women. Had we not had lockdown we’d also have begun a Men’s Ministry this year.

I asked the women some questions about the church. Have a listen.

Q1 If you could have lunch with anyone, who would that be?
I would have lunch with God himself if possible. I would ask him what my purpose is on earth? Why was I born?

Q2. What is God doing in your life right now?
God has been a cave of refuge for me lately. I’ve been going through some difficulties at work, at home( my grandma passed on recently) and in my relationship so he has really been my rock and comfort

Q3. What is the Women’s ministry doing that you feel God wants us to continue doing?
A women conference would be very nice. Meeting, having conferences. Engaging with one another. Bake sales, soup kitchen and jumble sales.


Pixie Answers

In September, we are going to be reflecting as a community on Earth-Keeping. We have used Spring as a celebration of new life and the cycle of life that runs eternally. The Creator has blessed us with a “Blue Marble” planet that is utmostly beautiful, and furthermore, that is part of Christ’s cosmic redemption. We are partners with God. It is a sacred task.

Thank you and blessings!


Published by St. Columba's Presbyterian Church Hatfield

St Columba's Presbyterian Church in Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa is a Christian Church. Our vision is to be a Christ-centred, bible-believing church that calls all to come and experience the love of Christ, in a welcoming and caring body of believers.

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