Reflection – Tuesday 4 August 2020, by Rev Craig Morrison


Good morning Saints,
Psalm 30:5 (NRSV)
“Weeping may linger for the night,
but joy comes with the morning.”

All of us pass through seasons of darkness and difficulty. Trials and troubles affect us all. Perhaps right now you are feeling in a dark place, perhaps trials and troubles assail you. Perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel is dim for you right now. You are not alone in feeling like this. Very many people are finding life particularly rough at this time we are in. You are not alone.
Work, jobs, the future may look dark and bleak for you. The world is in turmoil. People are pitted against each other, often fighting the wrong things, or fighting the right things in the wrong way.
I look at social media and see all these angry people – angry at the authorities, angry at themselves, angry at the people in their lives, angry at doctors and scientists, angry at the media.

The psalmist is correct: weeping seems to linger over us.

However, therein lies a promise – also!
On Sunday morning I was up early, as is my usual practice. I looked outside, and the air felt warm. Spring was waiting to burst in with the dawn. The light filtered through the large jacaranda tree in the back yard. The warming air had a tremble to it, the birds seemed to twinkle a song, and the Sun broke through the morning!

I wonder whether the psalmist was looking at the dawn when he penned the words: “but joy comes in the morning.”
The joy he writes about is the knowledge that those dark times do not last forever.
In the words of one of my tutors, “this too shall pass!”
And we will have reason to celebrate!
God will provide a reason for us to celebrate!
I urge you then, do not live in the ‘night season’, but live expectant of the morning to come.

God, thank you for the hope of a new day. I look forward with expectation to the joy that you have prepared for me. I declare that your joy gives me strength, no matter how dark the night. Thank you! Thank you for your friendship in Jesus.

With love to you all!

Published by St. Columba's Presbyterian Church Hatfield

St Columba's Presbyterian Church in Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa is a Christian Church. Our vision is to be a Christ-centred, bible-believing church that calls all to come and experience the love of Christ, in a welcoming and caring body of believers.

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