Epistle – 2 February 2020, by Rev Craig Morrison

Dear Friends of St. Columba’s Presbyterian Church

Welcome to 2020! I thought that I’d like to do a monthly epistle to you to share information and news.

Thank you to all who made special generosity offerings over the Advent Season. We really do appreciate your support. We have been able to effect needed repairs to the building and we can see the difference. Some of the work is not visible to the eye. The cry room has had a rain leak for years and we have found the problem and are effecting work to repair the cause of the leak.

This reminds me that our most important spiritual work is the transformation that happens inside of us. This is the work of the Spirit, but we are partners in our growth. Sometimes, growing means pruning the dead stuff inside us. This is important and necessary work. And it is work we all need to do – none are exempt. Grace to you for this journey!

I want to invite you to our Lenten series that will begin on Wednesday 26th February and on-going through Lent. Lent is the season of 46 days prior to Easter. We will begin this observance on Ash Wednesday with a short lunch-time Service of Ashes. It will start at 12h10 and end at 12h45 so that office workers and the public can join us. It would be wonderful if you could support this initiative with your presence. If we have enough new attendees my vision is to keep it going through the year so that it will be a second Service at St. Columba’s.

I will also take some leave time in March so will be away for 2 weeks as part of my annual leave for 2019. Being a new year, I don’t want it to build up too much.

We have identified some folks for Eldership. Some I have already signed up. We shall presently bring them before you. We’ve needed more people on the leadership team and so this is a great development that should be finalised by our next Session.

Below I am setting out the PLAN 2020 for the congregation. The Week of Witness info I will share on Sunday.

2020 is going to be an epic year! May we all be blessed as a community of the Holy One.

Yours faithfully,


Published by St. Columba's Presbyterian Church Hatfield

St Columba's Presbyterian Church in Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa is a Christian Church. Our vision is to be a Christ-centred, bible-believing church that calls all to come and experience the love of Christ, in a welcoming and caring body of believers.

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